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Code: F0241500

Electric Utility Company in Semnan

(Private Equity)

Affiliated with the Ministry of Energy

Form No. 1 - Announcement of electricity supply conditions


Date: 20 Bahman 1381 [8 February 2003]

Number: 13234/510

Enclosure: -----

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To: Esteemed applicant, Hazeldar Livestock and Agriculture Company

From: Electric Utility Company in Semnan- Semnan Electricity Affairs

Subject: Announcement of electricity supply conditions

Further to the announcement of conditions number 2141/510, dated 23 Khordad 1380 [23 June 2001] and its cancellation

With reference to the request for electricity supply, letter number 29, dated 19 Bahman 1381 [18 February 2003], [regarding] the conditions of electricity supply to the applicant for agricultural purposes, based on licence number 257/1301/432, dated 27 Azar 1379 [17 December 2000] in the amount of 19 KW at the location of Dez Gereh, Foulad Steel Road, we convey the following:

  1. Financial Terms - Payment of the following amounts:

A.1. Amount of 3,931,290 rials for general expenses and the establishmentof power network

A.2. Amount ----- rials to cost of power supply

A.3. Amount of 726,000 rials for the cost of measuring equipment and its installation

A.4. Amount ---- rials

A.5. Amount ----- rials

Note 1- The amount ----- rials will be deducted as payment on account during the serial receipt ----- Date ------

Note 2. The amount ----rials will be deducted from the value of the network or networks to be calculated in favour of the applicant


The remaining amount payable is 4,657, 290 rials (in letters of four million six hundred and fifty-seven thousand, two hundred and ninety rials).

The deadline for payment of the above-mentioned fees is a maximum of thirty days from the date of announcement of the terms; if not paid on time, the provisions of this announcement will be void in any respect.

Calculation of electricity supply costs for applicants whose electricity supply requires the construction of power facilities will be done at the daily rate after signing the “Minutes of Delivery and Transition.”

  1. Technical Terms:

According to form number 2 - The announcement of the conditions related to the fulfilment of the applicant’s technical obligations by the executive affairs is attached.

Note: The terms are that the networks which will be constructed to supply electricity will be handed over to the electricity company free of charge. As the electricity company owned them, it will be allowed to enter and occupy it while maintaining the quantity and quality of electricity subject to this announcement of conditions.

  1. Other Terms: The electricity supply of the place is unrestricted due to the delivery and transformation of the line and the utility pole after paying the prescribed fees.

Measuring equipment [electric meter] under the installed poles, drilling and cabling to the place of consumption under the supervision of the design and development group is the responsibility of the applicant.

Please carefully study the provisions of the announcement of electricity supply terms and conditions. If you accept the above conditions within the specified period, and upon receiving bank receipts, payment of the fees and the signed contract, refer to the customer service section at [address provided] Electric Utility Company in Semnan or introduce and send your plenipotentiary representative.


On behalf of Saied Ghods

Director of Electric Utility Company in Semnan

20 Bahman 1380 [9 February 2002]

[Stamp and Signature]



- Customer service coordination group for information and action

- Design and development group for information and necessary action