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Ministry of the Interior


National Criminal Investigation Department

Office: Cabinet

Branch: -----


Model: 1

Date: 2 Tir 1305 [24 June 1926]

Number: 4103                         

Enclosure: -----


The Esteemed Office of the Honourable Prime Minister,

With reference to communication number 4012, and response number 3574 from this office regarding the incident of killing a few individuals in Jahrom and the slaying of a person called Bijan Maraghi, the Police Department of Shiraz is again reporting by post that Jahrom, as the capital of one of the tribal governments of Fars, is located  at the eastern part of that province, 30 farsangs’ [leagues] distance from Shiraz, whose inhabitants are mostly warriors—bloodthirsty—and most of the time there are skirmishes and divisions among them due to their extreme religious fanaticism.

The recent incident, which is very important and has left eight individuals slain, six others injured, and four beaten, and which resulted in the burning and plundering of two or three small houses, was the result of differences and disputes among the inhabitants, especially the matter of the sixth term election, which led to the defeat of one group and the victory of another, and agitated and increased the hatred and rancour of both sides. It had slowly gained importance, until during the days of the blessed month of Ramadan, when Haj Mirza Mohammad the preacher was very vocal in discussing the religion in the mosques and on the pulpit, and was particularly vilifying and criticizing the Baha’i tribe. He finally aroused the excitement and the antagonistic emotions of the inhabitants by every possible means, leading to the unwarranted occurrence of the above-mentioned incident. 

The news reached Shiraz immediately and a number of police agents were dispatched to Jahrom, where the accused and the suspects were arrested and imprisoned. By order of the governor, Mirza Abdul-Hussain khan Shefahi, the magistrate of the court was sent to the place, and carried out a series of thorough investigations and local inquiries, and presented his report, making the matter quite clear. The Court [illegible] of Fars agrees with his report.

An individual by the name of Seyyed Abdol-Rahim, a well-known local person, accused of being a participant in the event, fled Jahrom and immediately went to Shiraz. By order of the honourable head of the Southern Network, he was summoned to the gendarmerie and was arrested and imprisoned for 40 days. He has recently been released by the intervention of Aqa Sheikh Morteza Mojtahed. So far, ten individuals are under arrest in Jahrom. When their trial has been finalized, the matter will be reported again.

Thus, I end the report for the information of that respected Office.

The Head of the Police Organization, Dargahi



For the information [illegible]

4 Tir [1305] [26 May 1926]


[Official Stamp]

Dated: 4 Tir 1305 [26 May 1926]

Number: 4695