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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 18 Mehr 1331 [10 October 1952]

Number: 4149

Attachment: -----


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Ministry of the Interior

Department: -----


Law Enforcement Department

The telegraphic report from Kerman, dated 22 Mehr 1331[14 October 1952], is inserted below:

Subsequent to the previous report, today, on behalf of the Governorate General, an envoy became present to end the matter of the Mahan inhabitants who had taken refuge at the telegraph office of Kerman. After a lengthy discussion, the refugees agreed to leave the [telegraph] office, after two weeks of stay. At a conspicuous hour, the interrogating agent came in and, contrary to common custom, summoned one of them. This action angered the rest of them and all remained as refugees.


On behalf of the head of the Department of Intelligence and Census



Number: 15327/N

29 Mehr 1331 [21 October 1952]