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Land and Deed National Registry Office

Notary Public 158- Tabriz

Notary: Mohammad Sadegh Ansari


In the Name of God



Date: 7 Azar 1390 [28 November 2011]

Number: 1311

Enclosure: -----


Respected director of the Registry Office in Tabriz,


Respectfully, Mrs. Farideh Izadkhah Mottafegh, daughter of Riazollah, and Mrs. Rafieh Ataeian Chaleh-Zamini, daughter of Ataollah, whom are followers of the Baha’i sect, intend to draw a will and testament through this office. It will ask that, after their death, their remains be buried in the [same] place [city] where they died and according to their religious practices. Please instruct this office as to whether or not and how it should legally proceed with their request and notarize such a document.


Mohammad Sadegh Ansari

Notary—Notary Public 158 of Tabriz

7 Azar 1390 [28 November 2011]


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