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Date: 1 Aban 1400 [23 October 2021]

In the Name of God


Esteemed Head of the Governor’s Office of the City of Yasuj,

lands in the Village of Kata and its public announcement to the locality and the vicinity, regarding the subject parcels of land, which have been passed down for more than one hundred years and which have been inherited by the current owners based on Article 140 of Civil Law―and the cultivation of a portion of which has been suspended, and another portion has been for many years in the midst of re-acquirement due to the ill intention of a group of profiteers―now, according to Article 31 of the Civil Law, which “respects ownership and no one can remove a property from the possession of its owners”, we ask that esteemed authority to urgently address the matter of cancelling the release of the above text, suspending the illegal actions of an uninformed group, and investigating based on the country’s Civil Law and Constitution, so that those properties, which are the only source of income for a number of farmers in these difficult economic conditions, will be returned to them.


Success comes from God