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Islamic Republic of Iran



Endowment and Charity Affairs Organization

Endowment and Charity Affairs Organization of Iran

Mazandaran Province

Endowment and Charity Affairs Organization of Sari


Number: 7617

Date: 8 Shahrivar 1380 [30 August 2001]

Attachment: -------

Case Number: (10/K)


The Honourable Commander of the Poshtkuh Police Station,

With greetings; regarding communication number 8889/405153/818, dated 28 Mordad 1380 [19 August 2001] I wish to inform you respectfully that, according to the existing documents, including endowment letter number 1021, all the villages of Kut and Margav have been given as endowments by the late Messrs. Mir Farrokh, Seyyed Mohammad, Yousef and Seyyed Abdol-Karim, to their male children. Regarding the revival of the endowment rights and intervention in the affairs of special endowments, according to Article 5 of the Executive Regulations of the Law on the Organization of Endowments and Charities, permission to intervene in the affairs of the endowment has been [requested] and authorization has been granted to this Office according to letter No. 2445 - 16 Mordad 1368 [7 August 1989]. It should also be noted that there is currently no lease agreement organized between this Office and the Muslims of the said village, regarding the endowed lands. Therefore, you are requested to keep waiting for the rightful endowment’s rights, as much as possible. It is extremely appreciated. /6/8/M

Ali Jowhari


Director of the Endowment and Charity Affairs Organization of Sari