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Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Industries

Office of Education and Endowments of Mazandaran

Date of 22 Ghows [illegible] [Azar] 1303 [13 December 1924]

Number: 312, Enclosures: 8 pages


The Esteemed Ministry of Education, Endowment and Fine Industries

As per order number 4925 regarding the Kafshgar Kola school in Aliabad, we have commenced productive investigation. Since lighter investigation had been done by the Mazandaran government, on 9 Aghrab [Aban] [31 October], we referred to your exalted government and followed up on it on 11 Ghows [2 December] following the receipt of telegram number 6432. Enclosed please find copies of the communications with the government of Mazandaran and their enclosures for your information.

Head of the Education and Endowments of Mazandaran

[Signature and stamp – Office of Education and Endowment of Mazandaran]            


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]                 

Requesting instructions

4 Jaddi [Dey] 1303 [25 December 1924]


Department of Education

Provincial Educational Division

A draft to be written for Mazandaran Educational [Department] that they are the intermediary for communication between the ministry and other government divisions. The Ministry of Education can directly communicate if necessary, but the purpose of sending him is to look into the educational affairs as this was an order from the Centre. Should the offices fail to fulfil their duties, perhaps other solutions will be offered. Regarding the school of Kafshgar Kola in Aliabad, which after a long period of negligence wrote an unclear reply, sufficient investigation needs to be carried out in absolute impartiality to see if the school needs to get a permit for establishment. Two weeks of investigation regarding [illegible] of it, if it is an old-style school then it is exempt from this law. In any case, students and educators should not act against the laws and regulations of Islamic education.