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Ministry of Justice

Registration of Deeds and Real Estate

Office: -----

Branch: -----


Transcription of the letter: -----

Number: 5651

Date: 22 Bahman 1317 [11 February 1939]

Department: Registering branch: Ardestan


Department of Registration of Deeds of Isfahan,

In response to communication number 22098 of 13 Bahman 1317 [2 February 1939], by returning the original letter, I inform you that the requested property of Aghajan Saidi consists of a barren piece of desert, which has recently been fenced; to its north, a construction project is underway. As is known by the local inhabitants, the cost of this property has been contributed by the residents of the sector of Babol-Vahy of Ardestan (Baha’is) and has been built as a flower garden or Golestan Javid [Eternal Rose-Garden] (the Baha’i cemetery).

It is believed that a report about this matter has already been sent, on behalf of the District Office of Ardestan, to the Governorate of Isfahan. Now the mentioned Aghajan with an affidavit in his possession, whose identification signatures were witnessed by an unofficial and unknown headman, is trying to register the land in his own name. This branch has conditioned the approval of the affidavit on the witnessing of signatures by the office of the local district. The mentioned office, in consideration of the above reasons, has refrained from approving the said document. Kindly issue appropriate instructions on this matter.

Branch Office Manager of the Registration of Deeds of Ardestan,

Reza Fazel

True Copy

Office Manager of the Registration of Deeds of Isfahan,

Safavi [Stamp and signature]