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6 Farvardin 1358 [26 March 1979]


Distinguished Leader Ayatollah Khomeini (May your blessings last forever)

[We greet you] with utmost respect. With God’s assistance, and under the leadership of that distinguished Marja‘[1] the revolution of the Iranian people has borne fruit, and with the establishment of a just Islamic government and respect for human rights, our beloved country enjoys human dignity and special credence. The Baha’i community—as testified by history during 135 years—has been subjected to various forms of tyranny and injustice by various governments in this land, though Baha’is have always believed in Islam, the Prophet Mohammad, and the station of the Imams, and through their seemly conduct and truthfulness have proved their heartfelt eagerness for the progress and advancement of Iran. They have refrained from any political involvement in the government, and particularly, association with foreign politics, and have already declared their allegiance to the government of Engineer Mehdi Bazargan. They have always demonstrated their respect for Islam’s holy precincts and its signs of God, but have, unfortunately, been attacked unjustly with slander and calumny within some articles, publications, flyers and even [radio] of the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

For example, during the recent armed raid on 25 homes in Mashhad, two homes, situated in Jam and Jahanbani Street, which belonged to Omana and were the library and small gathering place for religious activities and prayers, were confiscated with hostility and the residents were forced to evacuate the building.  The residents were Baha’is who, as a result of various attacks during recent months, had abandoned their homes in the villages of Ferdows and Torbat-e Heydarieh, and were homeless.  [The attackers] have misinformed the Muslim visitors about these 25 houses by spreading extremely unfair lies and allegations of espionage about the residents, using their family pictures, personal records and papers.

Presently, while strongly denying all these allegations, [we] hope that with the assistance of the Merciful God, and through the justice-seeking considerations of the government authorities and responsible actors, a thorough investigation [will be conducted] of those who carried out these attacks, and a review of the related papers, records and pictures, [will be undertaken in order to] prevent disunity, revenge and discord and to safeguard the unity in word and concord amongst the beloved people of Iran, which is the focus of that distinguished leader, the guarantor of the firmness of the national government and the source of the prosperity and progress of [our] dear homeland.

Finally it is expected that—according to the standards of Islamic Justice and the Human Rights Charter—you will not allow the rights of the Baha’is, who represent the largest religious minority of our dear country, to be wasted unfairly and spitefully.  It is hoped that you may issue necessary orders for the return of these two mentioned houses, passports, precious documents, personal records, family pictures, books and other items.


With respect,

Dr. Eshragh [Signature]

Nasrollah Badiei [Signature]

Dr. Pir Moradi

Jamalollah Foroughi [signature]

Dr. Mofidi [signature]

Jalal Nabili [signature]

Dr. Eshragh

Ahmad Shahidi [signature]

Dr. Rahimi [signature]


Dr. Mottahedin [signature]

Khozouei [signature]

Manouchehr Ziaei (traveler) signed on behalf

Serajollah Eshaghi [signature]

Vahid Kaviani (traveler) [signature]

Talebi [signature]

Majlesi [signature]

Mottahedin [signature]

Mazloum [signature]

Katebpour-Shahidi [signature]

Delaram [signature]

Abdollahi [signature]

Ghavam Tabatabaei

Ataollah Misaghi [signature]

Nasrollah Shabani [signature]


Copy – Mr. Mihdi Bazargan –Prime Minister of the National Government of Iran

Copy – Mr. Ahmad Sadr-Haj Seyyed Javadi- Minister of the Interior

Copy – Mr. Taher Ahmadzadeh, Governor General of Khorasan Province

Copy – The Committee of the Administrative Headquarters for Enforcing Imam Khomeini’s Orders in Mashhad


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To be filed (GH)

11 Farvardin 1358 [31 March 1979]


[Handwritten notes at the bottom of the page two]

Following the telegraph dated 12 Esfand 1357 [3 March 1979]



[1] [Marja‘-i-Taqlíd:  Religious Jurisprudence Authority]