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Transcript of a copy of a letter from the government of Aliabad


The Honourable Governor of Mazandaran Province and three regions of Tonekabon, may your glory be everlasting.


Your blessed [handwritten] letter, under number 4237, regarding Kafshgar Kola School was viewed. Following your instructions, a government officer was despatched to investigate. Inspections and investigations were conducted in the presence of a few people and the principal of the school. A copy of the investigation report is presented herewith. This school is seemingly in compliance with the religious laws, but, in fact, a few Baha’i children are studying in this school. However, those students follow the current [national] school programme as well. We will obey whatever your blessed orders may be.

Place for the stamp of Aliabad government


Copy corresponds with original – place of signature

(Office of the Cabinet of Governorate of Mazandaran)


Transcription is identical to the original