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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephone


Addressee: -----

Year: ----- 133 -----


From: Kerman

To: Tehran

Receipt number: 32

Telegram number: -----

Number of words: 44

Original date: 26

Descriptions: -----

Date received: 26 Mehr 1331 [18 October 1952]


National, 63957 [The Possibilities], today those who had taken refuge at [the] Mahan [office] exited after having agreed to do so. The skirmishes had been related to the mourning groups, but later on, they took on a different aspect. The investigation is underway. Reports numbered 59482N / 9311, 61457N / 9476 and 64442N / 9568 have already been submitted. The final result will also be reported.

The Governor General [signature]


[Stamp:] Telegraph Office of Tehran]


[Stamp:] Registered at the Office

Number: 65667

Date: 29 Mehr 1331 [21 October 1952]

17718/ N

19 Mehr [11 October]