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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of the Interior

Governor of Fars

Date: 13 -------



[Stamp:] Confidential




Now that, as a result of the revolution by the Muslim masses, the Islamic Republic has been established in this country, and all of the downtrodden people of the world stand at attention before the commandments of the Supreme Leader of this Revolution and struggle to set themselves free from the injustices of the Taghut[1] of the times, it is important to remind you of the following:  If, in accordance with the manner and guidance of the Governor’s Office, you express your regret and remorse about your connection with the perverse Baha’i sect and seek refuge in the life-giving stronghold of Islam and take your share from the fragrance of the Word of God, based on the instructions in the exalted Quran your remorseful confession will be accepted and you will remain employed in your posts and your past-due wages will be paid to you.  Otherwise, according to the item 3 of Article 14 of the National Employment Act, you will be dismissed from employment by the government of the Islamic Republic on the charge of moral corruption, and you will not have any rights.


From the Governor of Fars

Nematollah Tagha




[1] [An idol, symbol of tyranny]