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Ministry of the Interior

(Eastern Province of Azerbaijan)


Ministry of the Interior.

In response to a letter dated 26 Mehr 1316 [18 October 1937], number 10526 – 45911, about a few residents of the Village of Seisan, I wish to inform you that I personally reviewed the case file and also asked for a report from the deputy governor of Triple Blocs, regarding this matter. You can view the attached copy of it. The results of my investigation have shown that the actions taken in this regard have not been appropriate at all, and in no way should anyone be prevented from living in an area solely because of being a Baha’i. As long as they have not demonstrated in any way regarding their religion, they should not be bothered. I therefore issued an order to be conveyed to them that they can return to their homes and their places of residence. The police and the security departments have also been told not to prevent their return.

The Governor of the Eastern Province of Azerbaijan


[Handwritten note under the letter:] A copy is presented to the prime minister, along with attachment of the copy of the report in response to the letter dated 3 Aban 1316 [25 October 1937] number (10997). 

Governor of the Eastern Province of Azerbaijan



[Stamp:] Received by the office of the cabinet of the Prime Minister

Dated: 16 Azar 1316 [7 December 1937]

Number: 13061