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Ministry of the Interior

The Governor General of the Seventh Province

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Number: 120

Dated: ….

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The Governor General of the Seventh Province

Respectfully, in response to your letter number 115B, dated 9 Farvardin 1323 [29 March 1944], about the report of Mr. Movassaghi, the interrogator of the elections from the Ministry of the Interior, on the subject of incitement of the Baha’is by the head of the office of the Post, Telegraph and Telephone of Abadeh, I would convey that this subject was not reflected nor emphasized in the records of the Governorate.

It is possible that Mr. Movassaghi had possessed some special information. However, on the subject of the dispute between the Muslims and Baha’is in Soghad, Bahman and Eqlid, there is no doubt that they have had instigators and received assistance. If each one of the government authorities had followed the [principle] of impartiality in such circumstances and was truly seeking peace and order, this kind of event would have not occurred, and even though it [might have] happened, the turmoil would have ended much faster. A copy of the response to two items referred to by Army Division 6 of Fars that was sent in letter number 288 of 3 Ordibehesht 1323 [23 April 1944] is presently enclosed for your further information. Finding the responsible ones and perpetrators (including the locals or government authorities) depends on a careful investigation by the expert and unbiased authorities. 


On behalf of the Governor of Abadeh - Alaei

Copy is identical to original - Morteza Zahedi [signature]