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An open letter from a Baha’i who, after the martyrdom of his sister, addressed the public prosecutor general of the Islamic Republic of Iran


“In the Name of God Almighty” 

…His Holiness Ali, may peace be upon Him, addressing the Malek-e-Ashtar, the governor of Egypt, regarding the manner in which he should treat the Muslims and the people, says:

“Fill up your heart with kindness, affection and love for the people. Do not behave like a savage and ferocious beast, who would take advantage by plundering and looting their properties. Because people are of two kinds, either they are Muslims and are being considered as your brothers, or they are human beings and in creation are just like you.”

His Holiness [Imam] Ali has urged the Muslims to consider the protection of the human rights of non-Muslims and observing justice, good behaviour and Islamic justice. It is for this reason that in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the government is obliged to safeguard the security and social and human rights of all the strata of Iranian people.

In the context of the above-mentioned explicit instructions, did hanging my innocent youngest sister and other Baha’i prisoners, who were kept in captivity in your prison for a long period of time, plus not returning those dear ones’ pure corpses to their families, [as well as] their trials, concord with the laws of the Quran and justice, and is it considered the full and proper implementation of Islamic justice?

And has the dignity of the splendid verse of the Holy Qur’an, which says, “There is no aversion in religion…”, been thoroughly observed? Or have they been implemented based on religious prejudice?

The prejudicial judgment of the Shiraz Shari’a judge, in whose court of justice you are the prosecutor, has not only been a deleterious injustice against the accused and defenceless Baha’i prisoners, but also it has been a blow against the sanctity of a justice system of which His Holiness Ali, the Commander of the Faithful Ones [may peace be upon Him], has been its clear embodiment, Who, after the passing of His Holiness [Muhammad], the Messenger of God, and by His command put aside His sword and engaged Himself with the education and training of the believers.

…Mr. Magistrate, to occupy the seat of justice and sit on the throne of the Commander of the Faithful ones—praise and glory be upon Him— requires a judgement like the judgment of Ali, a judgement that flows from a vibrant spirit with the ample love of the All Merciful God and a heart which is filled with never-ending affection for all human beings!

Mr. Magistrate, now that you are firmly determined and have monopolised the glory of shedding the blood of the defenceless Baha’is in Shiraz solely for yourself, how befitting would it be for you to “fulfil the honour in full”, and while the youngest sister of our family, by your order, was adorned with [the ornament of] execution, it behoves you to also send her healthiest brother to follow in the footsteps of those leaders of the Army of Guidance…

…Mr. Magistrate …I have raised my neck and have made it ready for the unmistakeable knife of the Friend on the path of God with utmost yearning. Even you would deem it fit; I have made ready my youngest child to be sacrificed in the path of God, to testify with my blood and the blood of my child that the Promised one of the Qur’an has appeared…


Printed in the Journal of Andalib

Number 11, Year 141 BE [1985/1986]