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[Personal information has been redacted.]


General number: 2335

Private number: 7335

Dossier: ----

Case: 13/16



Ministry of the Interior

Department: The Immigration and Passport Police Head Office

Office: ----

Branch: ----

Type of the draft: ----

Subject of the draft: ----

Attachment: ----

Fair copy by: ----

Date of the air copy: ----

Date of Registration: ----

Date it is written: 26 Bahman 1322 [16 February 1944]

[Exit date:] 27 Bahman 1322 [17 February 1944]



The Gendarmerie Headquarters,

Further to letter number 79036982, dated 6 Bahman 1322 [27 January 1944], regarding the religious propagation of the Baha’is, as has been reported by the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Mohammad Ismael Rezaei and Javad and Ismael and Ali-Akbar Ferdowsi and a few others—as per the telegraph of 2 Bahman 1322 [23 January 1944] from Mahallat—have complained that for some time a number of Baha’is have been busy buying and exporting commodities, which has led to a shortage of  commodities and price increases. Also, the aforementioned individuals, by organizing their nine-member society, are propagating their religion in Mahallat’s surroundings. Kindly have the matter thoroughly investigated and seriously prevent uprisings that would cause discord and division amongst the inhabitants, and have the results reported.


Director General of Policies


[Handwritten note:] Confidential


Copy of the communication in response to letter number 34913, dated 13 Bahman 1322 [3 February 1944] will be sent to the Ministry of Justice [Signature] Director General of Policies