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From the servants of His Holiness Seqatol-Islam [trusted of Islam], Shariatmadar [orbit of religion] Agha Shaykh Mohammad-Ali Alamouti, member of the National Consultative Assembly, may his blessings be continuous

To His Honour the Minister of Education and Endowments, may his grandeur continue

Numerous communications have recently been received from the local authorities indicating that the property owners of the Village of Kafshgar Kola in Aliabad, Mazandaran, have opened a school and assigned a teacher for that school, who leads all the children of that region away from the holy religion of Islam and is openly propagating the Babi sect. Since, in accordance with the regulations of the Holy Sharia, preventing such propagation is obligatory and binding, we implore that esteemed authority to order and prescribe the closure of the mentioned school and to establish a school on behalf of the government, if deemed advisable. It would be appreciated and we will continue praying for your blessed being.

[Illegibel] Hassan Kafshgar Kolaee


[Handwritten note on the margins of the page] 

By submitting the copy, an explanation to be written and forwarded to the Education representative of Mazandaran to carry out the necessary investigations in this regard and to urgently inform us of the outcome.

29 Mehr 1303 [21 October 1924]


[Stamp on top of the page:]

26 Mehr 1303 [18 October 1924]