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[Personal information has been redacted.]




27/8/1318-[19 November 1939]


The Esteemed Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty in the country of Iran


I, Fatollah Zainabi-Najafabadi, birth certificate number [redacted], respectfully bring to the attention of the illumined Cabinet that four years ago, as I am a Bahá’í, I married according to my religious tradition. I organized the deed [of marriage] to be drawn up and took it to the Marriage Registry Office but they did not accept it. I took it to the General Registry Office and they also did not accept it. I sent a copy of the deed with a covering letter by registered post to the Marriage Registration Office of Isfahan and the Ministry of Justice and the Head of the Census and Personal Status Office but I was not honoured with a response. For the past while, the Department of Justice of Isfahan has been sending me summons every other day, which has prevented me from tending to my business affairs. After a while I was sentenced to a jail term, with a right to appeal.  I appealed and sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice but I did not receive any reply. A few day ago I was arrested by the police, which has caused me some [financial] losses. I asked them upon [the basis of] what laws they have arrested me, and the response was because you have been writing letters. If I do not register [my marriage] I will be considered as disobedient [to the laws of country] and if I do register, I will be arrested. What crime have I done except to be truthful, which is one of the basic principles of my religion and conscience?  In conclusion I offer my greatest respects.


Fathollah Zainabi


[At the end of the letter:  stamp confirming receipt at the Office of the Prime Minister]

Number: 10936

Date: 4/9/1318-[26 November 1939]