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[Date:] 20 Aban 1318 [12 November 1939]


Esteemed Board of Ministers,

With utmost respect, I submit herewith the following. Mohammad Vatani, the husband of this humble servant, Fatemeh Khomasi, entered into a marriage contract with me according to the laws of the Baha’i Faith on 21 Ordibehesht 1318 [12 May 1939]. Because of the absence of a marriage registry office to register our marriage, and in order to relieve ourselves of responsibility, and [at the same time] also having reported the event, [we] forwarded the report, together with a copy of the official marriage form—in which the marriage had been registered—to the relevant Office of Deeds Registry, and it was also reported to the Department of Justice, as well as to the National Office of Deeds Registry.

On 6 Aban 1318 [29 October 1939], the Interrogation Office of Semnan summoned my husband and this humble servant, and after interrogation, they detained him in the police headquarters, demanding that the amount of 2,000 rials be deposited at the Finance Office. They did not even accept the presence of a reliable surety. It is fifteen days since my husband [was taken into] custody. I plead for an investigation as to what has been his crime, except that we have married according to our conscientious belief and we have also reported it to the relevant authorities.

Of course, that respected Board is aware that there are only four registry offices for the four [religious] beliefs, Muslims, Christians, Zoroastrian and Jews, and we, the Baha’is, are not included with any one of them. As a matter of conscience, we are bound to perform our religious affairs according to the principles of the Baha’i Faith and report the occurrences to the relevant authorities.

I am pleading for justice and an investigation.


Your humble servant,

Fatemeh Khomasi, the wife of Mohammad Vatani, prisoner in the Police Headquarters of Semnan