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My dearest brother and friend, Mr. Amanollah Fahandej, his esteemed wife, dear Rezvan Khanum, Sara Khanum and Fariba, may my soul and body be sacrificed for your love,

My dear brother and kind sister, your loving letter, which was filled with loving feelings and noble emotions toward this humble one, was received and read. I am utterly grateful for the endless kindness and infinite mercy of those dear ones who, through beautiful words, have showered this insignificant servant with infinite care and kindness.

I know with certainty that this is due to the pure intention, faith and certitude of that noble friend, because the all-knowing God is witness that this servant has never been and is not worthy of these excellent qualities. Many thanks to God for having taught His servants politeness, humanity, humility and obedience. I am grateful for your sincere prayers for me. However, I ask all of you, from the bottom of my heart, that instead of praying for my freedom, ask God that my life ends well with God’s pleasure. Otherwise, it is more obvious than the sun that if it is God’s will, all problems will be immediately solved and there will be no need to worry at all, because as stated by (grandfather), I swear to the essence of the one true God that these calamities in the path of the beloved are dearer than one’s life and more delicious than nectar and sugar. I swear on your dear life that this is the happiest time of my life, of which I am not worthy and do not realize the value. Hopefully, this move will open the doors of comfort and prosperity for the dear believers. I will forever be indebted to the love of that dear brother and sweet sister, and I beg the Holy Threshold of God for the success and confirmation of that esteemed family in all material and spiritual matters. I ask the friends in that city to pray for me. If you see Mr. Rafiei, please tell him, “Brother, if you did not bring me joy in this prison with your beautiful handwriting, that would not be the tradition of loyalty.” Hoping to see you, and I kiss your beautiful face.

Adel Abad Prison in Shiraz, Ward 4

Sacrificially from your imprisoned brother

Ehsanollah Mehdi-Zadeh