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Ministry of the Interior

Main Office of National Security Administration


Section: Cabinet

Branch: 1

Dated 21 Khordad 1305 [12 June 1926]

Number: 3574

Attachment: ----


Office of the Cabinet,

His Excellency the Prime Minister,

In reply to Memorandum number 4012, regarding the murder of a few individuals in Jahrom and the killing of a person by the name of Maraghi, we hereby give our confirmation.

The details of the incident have been requested by telegram from the police department in Shiraz.  Based on the telegraphic report of the Shiraz Police Department, the dossier on this matter was previously completed and submitted to your esteemed ministry by the Fars Province.  We will send the more extensive written report to you once we receive it and we will also confirm it….

Head of the Main Office of National Security Administration, Dargahi.



[Stamp of the Ministry] Dated: 23 Khordad [1305] [14 June 1926] Number: 4465

[Handwritten note:] For recording and archives, 23 Khordad [14 June]