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Date: 8 Azar 1303 [29 November 1924]


To the Honourable Minister of Education and Science, may his grandeur continue

Yours truly, for the purpose of promulgating science and education in the Village of Kafshgar Kola Mahal of Aliabad, has established a primary school on my property and I intend to obtain the permission of that esteemed ministry to inaugurate it soon. I was informed recently that the respected head of education in Sari has prevented the opening of the mentioned school. For that reason, I entreat that high authority to kindly submit an urgent telegram to the head of education in Sari, [asking him] not to impede, but to allow the preliminary steps to be taken until the permit for the opening is issued by that esteemed ministry and forwarded accordingly. It is contingent upon your blessed instructions.


The Financial Inspector of the Royal Army




[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Department of Education and Intelligence

Submit a telegraphic explanation by the esteemed commander to the [the Department of] Education in Sari, asking not to prevent the establishment and completion [of the school] and to seek permission from the official channels, should it be necessary.