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Ministry of the Interior

National Gendarmerie Headquarters

Department: ---

Office: ---

Number: ---

Date: 132…

Attachment: ---


Number: 12830/G

Date: 21 Aban 1329 [12 November 1950]



His Honour, Mr. Governor General of the Tenth Province,

I wish to respectfully submit that an individual by the name of Sheikh Nasrollah Saleh, who is a student of the Seminary of Jeddah, is complaining and seeking justice from Tehran’s gendarmerie, claiming that Zyad, son of Haji Mohammad, insulted him during his sermon in Mohammadiyyeh Krone [Village]. The matter has been investigated by Station 1 of the gendarmerie, under case number 13257/C, dated 21 Aban 1329 [12 November 1950] and has been referred to the Magistrate’s Office of Isfahan. Please find attached a copy of the report of the mentioned station for your information. According to the gendarmerie, it is necessary to decide an appropriate and relevant punishment for whosoever insults the clerical position. Kh


The Commander of the Office of Gendarmerie of Isfahan,

Colonel Taidi


[The handwritten note under the letter],

True copy [signature]