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Public number: 11932

Private number:

Ledger number: 25

File: ---



The Prime Minister


Date of writing: 29 Aban 1316 [20 November 1937]

Transcription Date: 29 Aban 1316 [20 November 1937]

Registration Date: 30 Aban 1316 [21 November 1937]


The Governor of Eastern Azerbaijan

Further to the letter from the Ministry of the Interior dated 26 Mehr 1316 [18 October 1937], and letter number 10997 from the prime minister, regarding the [investigation] of the complaints of several inhabitants of Sisan and the reason for their exile, [I] would like to [ask] you to order the outcomes of your actions to be reported, so as to inform the prime minister.

The Prime Minister [signature]