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[Personal information has been redacted.]


1 Farvardin 1339 [21 March 1960]


Exalted authority of the Prime Minister, may his eminence last

I would like to convey to Your Highness that yours truly in Birjand has been receiving letters at night time that consist of threats of assassination, insults to religious sanctities, and invitation to Baha’ism, and are distributed in different homes at night. For example this humble servant received a letter, which, in addition to threats of assassination, insults and offensive swear words had invited me to convert to Baha’ism. Some of those [letters] have been printed, which I have forwarded to the public prosecutor, the investigator and the head of the police department. My earnest plea is that strict orders be issued to investigate the matter and punish the perpetrators.






Registered at the Office of the Chief of Cabinet

Dated at 16 Farvardin 9 [1339] [21 March 1960]

Number:] 210


[Handwritten notes under the letter:] Law Enforcement must be instructed to seriously investigate the matter and force their leaders to stop these actions.

16 Farvardin 9 [1339] [5 April 1960] 



14 Farvardin 9[1339] [3 April 1960]