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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate General of the Eighth Province



Tehran, National Gendarmerie Headquarters

Further to communication number 12013, as a result of the telephone conversation with the officers dispatched from the regiment, it became clear that five wounded individuals were transferred by ambulance on the evening of the 11th of the current month, from Mahan to the hospital of the province. Since the conditions of the injured individuals were satisfactory, the process of official investigation took place immediately.

According to the statement from those wounded, on the tenth of Muharram, unusually, the inhabitants of Upper Mahan took the lead in bringing their faction to the threshold of the Shrine of Shah-Nematollah. At once, the disappointed inhabitants of Lower Mahan tried unsuccessfully to take their faction following the first group. Finding out about the move, the Upper Mahan faction prevented their access to the water of Mahan; as a result, the dwellers of Lower Mahan, together with the landowners, took refuge at the District and Telegraph Offices on the morning of the 11th of the current month.

At noon, when they were heading to the Shrine to have tea, while crossing the street, although the guards had discharged their guns in the air to disperse the populace, the people of Upper Mahan had taken advantage of the situation and fired their loaded guns at their adversaries, and as a result, the hands, feet and shoulders of five individuals were wounded. Colonel Sohrabi has gathered the statements of the wounded for information and is on the way to following by up presenting it to the [inspector], who is busy investigating the matter of Mahan in full.

Meanwhile, after spending 24 hours at the place, Major Ganjeh, supported by the reports of the Police Station of Mahan and the businessmen of that area, who are residents of Upper Mahan, stated that the dwellers of Lower Mahan opened fire, and they were even intending to disarm the police station. As there are fundamental differences between the reports of Major Ganjeh and the statements of those injured and interrogated at the hospital, Colonel Sohrabi was instructed to investigate the matter personally, taking into consideration the observations of the inspector of the Department of Justice, and then report the truth of the matter. Fortunately, no one was killed in the skirmishes and the wounded individuals are all in stable condition.

There is no possibility of any danger for now, and Mahan remains peaceful. As soon as the expected second report arrives, the result will be submitted.

Lieutenant Colonel Sahami

Respectfully, following communication numbers 11943 and 12012, a copy is submitted for the information of His Honour the Governor General of the Eighth Province.

Commander of Regiment Eight of the Kerman Gendarmerie

A copy of above description, following communication number 9476, is dispatched for the information of the Ministry of the Interior.


The Governor General of the Eighth Province




[Illegible] [Registration at the Office of Prime Minister]

Number: 64442

Date: 26 Mehr 1331 [18 October 1952]