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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number: 11151

Private number: -----

Box-file: -----

File: -----



Head of the Ministers [Prime Minister]


Type of copy: -----

Subject of copy: -----

Enclosure: -----

Scribe: -----


Date of writing: 8 Aban 1316 [30 October 1937]

Date of transcription: 8 Aban [30 October]

Date of registration: 10 Aban 1316 [1 November 1937]


Ministry of the Interior

Further to letter number 10316, of 25 Mehr 1316 [17 October 1937], regarding the telegraphed petition of a few residents of the Village of Seysan who had pleaded for justice to the prime minister from Tabriz, they have presented another petition requesting the release of five inhabitants of Seysan, whose [capture] was instigated by Asghar Baghal [the  grocery shop keeper]. The above-mentioned petition is forwarded herewith. You are advised to order that the prime minister be informed of the result of the investigations.

The Prime Minister