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24 Mehr 1316 [16 October 1937]


Honourable Head of the Cabinet of Ministers,

With absolute respect, [I] would present to Your Excellency that [for] three years, every day, [Mr.] Asghar Mohseni has been disturbing and, in reality, aiming at the annihilation of, the [Baha’i] residents of Seysan Village, with all sorts of excuses for his actions.  Now he is instigating an end to the traditional cooperative behaviour of locals by promoting religious prejudice [against Baha’is].

Recently, he has also spread false rumours in the province and at the Ministry of the Interior, forcing us to migrate from our residential hamlet [illegible]; even though these servants have not had any shortcomings as citizens, and have been abiding by the laws of the land and the wise orders of the provincial government.

The detailed rulings [related to this matter] exist in the provincial files. We request and plead at the holy threshold of His Majesty, with the approval of your blessed person, to order and free seventy old and young individuals from the yoke of Mohseni’s tyranny, so that in this winter season we will not become captives to his schemes and displaced wanderers. 


[Signatures:] Bagher Sadeghi, Faztollah Khademi, Ataollah Mohammad Thani, Seifollah Rouhani, Mozzaffar

Address: Tabriz, Serai—Fathali Beig, care of Salimi’s firm, for Bagher Sadeghi,



[Stamp:] Receipt by Office of Prime Minister, dated 27 Mehr 1316 [19 October 1937], number 11018 

[Handwritten note on top of the page:] Background files, 27 Mehr 1316 [19 October 1937]