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In the Name of God

17 Aban 1389 [8 November 2010]


The Honourable Judge of the Town of Kiasar,


Following the necessary instructions of 18 Mehr [10 October] and 15 Aban [6 November] and the telephonic instructions of Second Lieutenant [illegible], regarding the autumn planting, we arrived at our field yesterday, 16 Aban [7 November], while we were carrying the seed. We were in the company of the esteemed officers of Telma Darreh Police Station and the lawyer, Mr. Farajpour, in the execution of legal orders regarding cultivation with the farmers of Ivel Village. We had two tractors, and two police officers were also accompanying us.

After cultivating a part of the arable land, we faced some of the lawbreakers―Safar-Ali Esmaili, Faizollah Esmaili, Seyyed Javad Derakhshan, Nad-Ali Fallahpour, Hosein-Gholi Ghaffari, Mansour Layali and Hosein-Ali Rajabi, member of the local Islamic Council. A detailed report of this will be prepared in the minutes of the meeting of the police station and will be presented.

The above-mentioned people prevented the continuation of the cultivation by sitting under the wheels of the tractor and went to the extremes of breaking the law, insulting and humiliating us. Also, on our way back from the police station in the evening, we noticed that they were cultivating our farmland [illegible]. All their information and illegal actions were reported to the police station and it was decided to follow up.

Please order that, in the implementation of a note of Article 60 of the Islamic Penal Code, necessary actions be taken to prevent and stop the operations of those mentioned, and that the wrongdoers be punished according to the law. On the other hand, the security of us farmers should be assessed so that we can cultivate our lands, and God provide goodness and blessings.

We are already very grateful for the cooperation of that esteemed official.

With utmost respect,

The Farmers of Ivel Village

[Signatures of various people]