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In the Name of God

22 Mehr 1363 [14 October 1984]


The Honourable Public Prosecutor of Mazandaran Province, City of Sari

I wish to respectfully inform you that, since 7 Tir 1362 [28 June 1983], we, the Baha’i residents of the Village of Ivel, have been displaced and homeless, and [have become] refugees from our residences and homes, due to the invasion of the people of Ivel. So far, we have been living our lives without a nest in the utmost misery and poverty. We have had to sell every meagre possession we had at the lowest price, in order to survive and make a living. During this period, which has been going on for almost a year, we have not received the slightest attention.

Because, like our ancestors, our work has been agriculture, and now is the time to cultivate the land, we are asking you to [allow] us to go back to our native place. In this cold [weather], with snow and storms, although our nests and houses have been ruined and destroyed, we can repair them so that we can have a shelter and no longer wander in homelessness.

We hope that that esteemed authority will pay attention, and with the guidance of the Imam of the Nation, all segments of the nation will live in prosperity and comfort, and that we will also be granted the benefits of this great gift.

With respect,

[Signature and fingerprints of a couple of Baha’is of Ivel]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]