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21 Shahrivar 1368 [12 September 1989]


In the Name of God

Honourable Members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Mr. Damadi and Haji Agha Shojaei

After greetings, we wish to inform those esteemed and high-ranking representatives [of the following]. As you are informed, we, the Baha’i farmers in the Village of Ivel, were evicted from our original residences six years ago, and our uncultivated farmland and homes are being destroyed; we ourselves live in exile and displacement. We have repeatedly referred to administrative and judicial organs of the province to seek justice and litigation. Unfortunately, no positive response has so far been received for the settlement and cultivation of our lands, and no action has been taken in this regard by the respected judicial and national authorities.

Now that, by the grace of God and divine blessings, and thanks to the supervisors, heads, and respected and efficient authorities of the country, all Iranians continue to live under the protection of Islam and the government of the Islamic Republic in complete freedom, welfare and comfort, and are safe from any encroachment, we are pleading with those authorities for a decision to be taken in this regard and for the resolution of the problem of these people, and that you take urgent and decisive action, so that we can return to our homes and cultivate our lands, and may be saved from this misery and displacement, and [so that we] may pray for you and all the toilers of the revolutionary and governmental organs.

We are waiting impatiently for the blessings of those nobles, so that you may pay attention and open the doors of mercy and generosity to these oppressed and displaced people.

Respectfully – The farmers of the Village of Ivel


From Lotfollah [illegible]


Ataollah Movaffaghi


Parviz Jazbani