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In the Name of God

His Holiness Ayatollah Shahroudi, Honourable Head of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

With greetings and wishing you success in serving the poor and needy, we would respectfully inform you [of the following].


Ivel Village is located in a remote and difficult mountainous area of the ​​Chahardangeh District of Sari. Our ancestors have lived there for centuries. We were also engaged in agriculture in the mentioned village, having inherited the [right to farm] the agricultural lands, which were registered by occupiers, during the land reform. We made a living from it and all the locals lived together like family, in utmost friendship. On 7 Tir 1362 [28 June 1983] a group of local Muslim residents, abusing the atmosphere of the revolution with violence and claiming that Baha’is do not have any civil rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, stormed our homes with prior planning. By beating, insulting and intimidating yours truly and our families, who are weak and lack shelter, [they] have deprived us of our livelihood and displaced us. They seized our crops and trampled them with their cattle. They plundered and unlawfully destroyed all we possessed in life, including our livestock and poultry and fruit trees. From that day until now, we have been filing numerous complaints and lawsuits with all the competent authorities of the country. Unfortunately, they have not paid attention to our rightful complaints, and all our residential buildings, which were made of mud and clay, turned into ruins due to snow and rain. Whenever we wanted to enter the place and repair our houses, we were attacked by the local Muslims and they drove us out of the place with stones and sticks and insults.

Now we desperately request that Your Honour pay attention and [demonstrate] magnanimity toward these poor people; issue an order and allow us to restore and repair our houses. God willing, with the support of the esteemed officials in charge of the country and our own efforts, we will develop and turn this ruined place into a lively place.


The displaced Baha’is of Ivel Village - Sari

Ataollah Movaffaghi - Einollah Movaffaghi - Faramarz Rowhani - Shamsollah Movaffaghi -Daryoush Movaffaghi - Rowshan Movaffaghi - Rouhollah Rowhani -Akbar Movaffaghi - Seyyed Mohammad Derakhshan - Ziaollah Sabetian - Amin Ali - Yousef-Ali Ahmadi - Hadi Jazbani - Ghavamoddin Sabetian - Saadat Rowhani - Ali Piri - Abdol-Baghi Rowhani - Seyyed Mehdi Sadeghi – Abdol-Ali Akbari - Mehdi Jazbani - Parviz Jazbani - Changiz Jazbani - Jamal Movaffaghi - Nasroddin Nowbakht - Mahmoud Piri – Avaz-Ali Akbari - Mohammad Movaffaghi

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