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From: Bandar Shah (currently Bandar-e Khomeini)


My dear Hedayat, Farideh, Erfan and my dearest Leva, Allah’u’Abha!

My highest wish from the Magnified Threshold of God is that my dear ones will always be successful and confirmed in all matters of their lives, whether material or spiritual, and spend the days of their lives joyously.

My dear ones, the dear parents, in their personal visit, told me that you were worried about the situation of this humble servant and [asked] that, if possible, I write to you a few lines, which has become possible through the mercy of the dear brothers. It is so good, since [as it is said], the correspondence is very good and is like half of a personal visit!

Be assured that under the Divine Care, I am feeling well, and I am resigned and patient with whatever may happen. I am always grateful and thankful to God’s threshold since He has said: “[O SON OF MAN!] If adversity befall thee not in My path, how canst thou walk in the ways of them that are content with My pleasure? …”[1] As the expression says, “Whatever happens is for the best”. Of course, the grace of God would turn “the prison into a palace” and it is the means for acquiring spiritual perfections. My heartfelt wish is that the sincere prayers of dear friends may guide [my] path.

I think by the time you get this letter; it will be Naw-Ruz. Therefore, I [send you best wishes for] the Festivals of Naw-Ruz and Fasting, and desperately beseech God that the next year will be a year full of happiness and prosperity for all human beings.   


May I be a sacrifice to all of you,


7 Bahman 1362 [27 January 1984]



[1] [ Baha’u’llah – Arabic Hidden Words No. 50]