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[Personal information has been redacted.]


(Tehran, 19 January 1983)


"Let your joy be the joy born of My Most Great Name, a name that bringeth rapture to the heart, and filleth with ecstasy the minds of all who have drawn nigh unto God”[1]

([I am filled with excitement!])

My dear Taher, as a result of my pleas, you have been burdened and have resorted to the nominated authorities in the book of God. For the last three days, morning, evening and midnight, your dear mother has also been resorting to Almighty God. She has such a good memory that [she] has been tearfully reciting tens of Arabic and Persian prayers. No reason for me to be sad then, because even though I lack concentration and, even when I read from the books, my memory and eyes don’t assist me well enough. I know that you, my loved ones, are holding fast to the sacred divine hem of the True Beauty, may the world be sacrificed for Him, supplicating from the bottom of your hearts, with such devotion that would touch the hearts and thoughts of His favoured angels and would make them weep, saying, “O God, Hosein came into this world and has no other wish but to attain Thy presence. He does not in any way ask to return to this tumultuous world because his current weight of sinfulness and shortcomings has abased and wounded his body and soul.”

This morning at 8:00 a.m., Manouchehr brought Mrs. Ghodsiyyeh Azadegan to our house. They helped carry me to Branch 4 of the Revolutionary Court, to which I had been summoned. After the thorough completion of requirements for entry, Manouchehr remained in the street. I faced the interrogator, by myself, for three hours, from early morning till half an hour before noon. He wrote the questions with a red pencil and I wrote the answers. In response to details such as name and age, etc., I wrote accordingly and stated that I was 80 years old. I drew a line across the part about religion and wrote “Baha’i Faith”. The questions [and answers], in brief, were as follows:

Have you become a Baha’i or were you born a Baha’i? My father died when I was 14 months old, but my mother is buried, and her grave is at the Baha’i cemetery at such-and-such an address, and [I provided other] explanations….

What is your understanding of the Baha’i Faith? Like all the past religions, where the authors of Holy Books guided humanity at their own time, humanity has been guided in the last 139 years through the Baha’i teachings, which I mentioned…. and many people from every nation around the world have become believers.

Did you mention your religion during your government services? Yes, [At the National Bank] there was a big book and there was a question about religion, which I answered.

How long did you work? More than 40 years in customs, three months as a teacher, 28 years at the bank, followed by retirement.

What positions did you hold in the Baha’i administration? I collected contributions for the disadvantaged many years ago and I was a member of the education committee, a member of the Kerman Assembly probably in 1314 [1935/1936], and maybe the Shemiran Assembly in 1348 [1969/1970]. I do not remember more than that as my memory fails after 80 years of aging, heart problems, repeated infarctions and severe pain in the legs.

How many children do you have? Three sons and three daughters.

Where are they and what do they do? One son is in Tehran and is unemployed. One daughter lives with her husband, in Shiraz. One son is in Shiraz, and together with my son in law, they have a photography business. One son is in the United States and is studying for his PhD in management. One daughter is in the United States and is studying languages. One daughter and her husband have gone to the United States to look after their three children, who are studying there…

What are the names of those who live abroad and what assets do they have in Iran? My son, Mohammad Kazem, owns 1000 meters of land in Ramsar. My daughter and her husband have joint ownership of a house in Tehran. My other daughter, who is single, has no assets in Iran.

What is the address of the mentioned house and land? I couldn’t tell. My memory fails me.

Who is their attorney? I couldn’t answer. They said they would ask for the addresses at a later date.

We were dismissed at [11:30 a.m.]. The dear Mrs Ghodsiyyeh was sitting in the hallway and had recited “Is there any remover of difficulties…” tens of times. Manouchehr was waiting by the door in that freezing weather and took us home.

Seeking your prayers



My pension has been discontinued from Aban 1361 [October/November 1982]


[1] [The Kitab-i Aqdas, K51]