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Respectfully, we wish to convey the following: Baha’is believe in one God who is the invisible, magnificence and unknowable essence. Baha’is believe in the divine origin of the world, the existence of the soul and its survival after death, the reward and punishment of the believers in the afterlife and in the oneness of the foundation of all religions and the divine truth of all the Messengers of God. In every country and land that we live in, we believe in obedience to the government and in rendering honest service. We love all humanity regardless of their [skin] colour, race, creed or belief. We consider all human beings as the servants of one God. We believe in worshiping God and observing obligatory prayers and fasting and while we do not interfere in politics, we do involve ourselves in rendering social services. Our beliefs have never been consistent with the Zionism that is politically based on racism and a Baha’i who, by nature of his teachings, is free from racial prejudice and political interference cannot be a Zionist.

Our community is governed by [anonymously] elected representatives and the title of “Baha’i leader, used by some other people is employed erroneously. These elections of the representatives take place annually and so it is possible that new individuals are elected in the new elections.

What obliges me to write is the unjustified persecutions which have been and still are imposed on innocent members of this community, from the burning and looting and confiscation of property to the banishment and dismissal from government and non-government employment. and even illegible the expulsion from schools and the cancellation of education and training center permits, to the execution and shooting of innocent people and the recent execution of seven dearly loved knowledgeable and pious elected members and [persecuting] the faith of this community without any trial or proof of crime and guilt.

I do not know why all these injustices are done to a community whose members live with honesty, trustworthiness, piety, knowledge and demonstrate expertise in their work. Why are the perpetrators of these oppressions not afraid of [illegible] divine justice? Of course, those who endure all these calamities in this way, for the sake of truth and truthfulness, their reward will be safe with God.

[Persian poem][1]

And I believe that not everyone will reach the grace that our beloved martyrs received since:

[Persian poem][2]

They [the martyrs] excelled in their ranks, but I grieve for and regret the violations of justice and human rights.

Although over multiple times, with repeated complaints made to the competent authorities regarding similar cases of oppression being inflicted on this community, no actions were taken. In accordance with my conscientious duty, I write to you this brief so that if the respected appropriate officials are unaware of these atrocities, they should be informed.

According to the reports in the mass media, people will not be attacked if they do not take action against the government. Considering this fact that Baha’is who reside in any country and territory, obey that government and the laws, how is it that their human rights are ignored [in Iran]? How can we ignore a community that today has followers in more than 124,000 parts of the world among 1840 races, ethnicities and tribes and is accepted as a non-governmental international community by the United Nations and is the largest religious minority in our dear country of Iran?

I am hoping that you will pay attention to the above-mentioned points to avoid a repeat of similar cases and to reinstate the violated rights of this oppressed group.


[Illegible] Mahdokht

19 Dey 1360 [9 January 1982]


This letter has been submitted to the following authorities:

  1. His Excellency the President
  2. His Excellency the Prosecutor General of the Islamic Republic
  3. Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly



[1] [The original text is as follows: " ناله‌ای میشکند پشت سپاهی گاهی      خانمان‌سوز بود [ناخوانا] [آتش] آهی گاهی "]

[2] [The original text is as follows: " ورنه هر سنگ و گلی لولو و مرجان نشود      گوهر پاک بباید که شود قابل فیض "]