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9 Azar 1389 [30 November 2010]


In the Name of God

His Excellency, President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

With greetings and the hope that the volume of the important tasks that you have in mind for the Province of Mazandaran has not caused you fatigue, God willing, through the confirmations of the Almighty and the efforts of the respected government and the collaboration of the authorities and the noble people of the province, the development work will continually progress in the province, providing for the tranquillity and well-being of the population.

What has prompted us to bring the following to your attention is your statement about the District of Chahardangeh during your previous visit to the province, and the follow-up you have mentioned regarding the past, during your visit of today, stating that consultations and beneficial solutions will be afforded. For this very reason we are expecting some legal action to be taken about the problem that we, the farmers in the Village of Ivel, are confronted with, so that we may be enabled to collaborate and participate with the local inhabitants, as well as those of the neighbouring villages, in the progress of the village of our forefathers.

After the lapse of 27 years of displacement and illegal farming, more than half of our lands have been destroyed by others; our homes, haystacks and fodder storage, and the stables and barns of the livestock of the farmers in Ivel, were all demolished and razed to the ground this summer by some people. We immediately informed the local and provincial legal and judicial authorities of the situation in order to prevent and pursue the offenders, and the whole incident was reported by express mail to the respected government authorities.

Although the respected local and provincial authorities are diligently in search of the facts of the matter, we expect that the respected government will also pay attention to the situation, and dispatch an envoy to the Village of Ivel to investigate the case locally, in order to facilitate a solution, and to assist us farmers to return to the village and rebuild our homes and farming lands, bearing in mind that, during and under the present situation and conditions, the plan and desire of the honourable government is that the villages also be included in the progress and development plans, and that the population of the cities be thus reduced.

We beseech the threshold of the Almighty for ever-increasing confirmations and success for all those who are striving for our beloved nation.

With most sincere respect, submitted by the farmers of the Village of Ivel

[Signatures of the farmers of the Village of Ivel, below the text of the letter]