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[Personal information has been redacted.]


18 Mehr 1390 [10 October 2011]


In the Name of the Concealing Provider, the Lord of Grace and Mercy

The Honourable Judge of the General Court of Kiasar,

We wish Your Honour success and salvation in matters of justice, along with equity, welfare, love and fidelity, under the shadow of God’s grace and care.

We, the farmers of Ivel Village, based on the routine of the past years regarding the planting and harvesting of our crops in Ivel Village, carried out those activities. [The authorities] had given the necessary instructions that, with the support of the respected police station of Poshtkuk in Telma Darreh, security would be maintained that no disturbances would take place.

Now, we request the necessary assistance from those respected judicial and disciplinary officials for this year’s autumn planting.

With utmost gratitude, the Baha’i farmers of Ivel

[Signature of Baha’i farmers of Ivel]


[Handwritten note at the back of the letter]

In the Name of God - to be registered exactly. Any appropriate action should be taken with the information of the esteemed commander of the relevant police station.

[Signature:] The Judge

18 Mehr 1390 [10 October 2011]