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The Director-general of the Justice Administration of the province of Mazandaran


With greetings,

I wish to inform you that we are residents of a village in the Kiasar region called Ivel and we have encountered strange problems and difficulties that can be solved with your appropriate action.

We are about 50 families who lived in this village since before the revolution. Because we are Baha’is, we were evicted from our place of birth at the beginning of the revolution. During all these years, our efforts have been fruitless and futile and we have not been able to achieve our goal and restore our rights. All our houses that already existed in this village have been destroyed over many years. Attempts have been made many times to repair the houses, but unfortunately, with the obstruction of the villagers, it has not been possible to do so. Three residential houses were set on fire. Their case is being investigated and is being heard in the responsible courts. They even forcibly removed the agricultural permits for landowners, and do not allow these oppressed farmers to engage in farming on the lands whose ownership is certain.

Finally, on 3 Mehr 1386 [25 September 2007], with the prior permission of the court and the verbal permission of Judge Vahedi (the Kiasar court), we entered the village for construction, and to rebuild one of the ruined houses. Unfortunately, we were aggressively prevented from doing so by the villagers, so much so that the police officers could not take any action and announced that we should take our complaint to court. Two of the residents went to the Kiasar court to complain, but unfortunately, they were attacked and beaten by some villagers in the courtyard, to the extent that the courtroom turned into a battlefield of the beating of two human beings. Interestingly, not even the actions of the agents brought any results here and they asked for relief forces. Finally, these two individuals, with great difficulty, could survive.

Is it really right that, at such a time and with the aim of compassion and justice, some innocent people and farmers would have to stay away from their indisputable homeland and place of living due to the greed and usurpation of a group of ignorant people, and that these oppressors [would] invade the courtroom and transform it into their battlefield and easily usurp the rights of others? Is it right that the esteemed judge of the court would announce, “I cannot do anything”, and that the higher authorities should investigate?

According to the following laws:

Article 3 of the Constitution - Addendum 9 – Elimination of unjust discrimination and provision of fair possibilities for all

Article 20 of the Constitution – All members of the nation, men and women alike, are protected by the law.

Article 22 of the Constitution – The dignity, life, rights, housing ... are protected from invasion.

Article 31 of the Constitution – Having proper housing is the right of every Iranian individual and family

Article 34 of the Constitution – The right to litigation is an inalienable right of every person and anyone can refer to competent courts for litigation

Article 40 of the Constitution – No one can use his/her actions as a means of harming others or violating the public interest,

Article 30 of the Civil Code gives every owner the right to possess and use all kinds of property.

Article 31 of the Civil Code says, no property can be taken out of the possession of its owner.

We ask you, esteemed official, not to allow the rights of others to be trampled on and the opportunistic people to trample on the rights of the oppressed.


[The signatures of Ivel Village farmers under the letter]