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Respected Talaie family

With deep sorrow, the agonizing news was received of the selfless sacrifice and the end of the physical life of that wanderer of the garden of fidelity and that bird of the nest of sacrifice, beloved Kourosh Talaie; an overwhelming tragedy no tongue can explain, nor has any pen the power to describe.

If, in the absence of that beloved of heart and soul, forbearance is lost and torrents of tears gush out in a thunder with weeping and lamentation, there shall be no admonishment, inasmuch as we earthly servants are mourning the loss of a loved one, who, alongside his beloved friends, became the embodiment of this blessed utterance of His Holiness the Bab, may my soul be a sacrifice to Him: O My beloved friends! You are the bearers of the name of God in this Day. You have been chosen as the repositories of His mystery. It behoves each one of you to manifest the attributes of God, and to exemplify by your deeds and words the signs of His righteousness, His power and glory. The very members of your body must bear witness to the loftiness of your purpose…”[1] and ultimately, in confirmation of this belief, his warm, sanctified blood was shed on the cold earth, so that “…the foundation of enmity be destroyed and the base of unfaithfulness would be razed.  The tree of love and faithfulness would be planted and this dark soil would reflect the celestial realm. Denizens of this world would become heavenly and the ignorant be illumined and evil souls would become divine and promoters of love and kindness and treat human race of every origin with utmost love and affection….”[2] and let there be no doubt that the radiant effects of this sacrifice will soon manifest themselves in the Eastern and the Western corners of the world and will herald splendours of justice and equity in this darksome world.

The Baha’i community of Tehran is saddened and grieved by the loss of its choice advocate, Mr. Kourosh Talaie, and offers its deep condolences to the family of that beloved friend and his cherished relatives.  No doubt the soul of that lover of the peerless Lord and that wanderer of the desert of love has taken his place in the Kingdom of eternity and is united in the bond of intimacy and fellowship with the chosen ones.


The Baha’i community of Tehran




[1] [Authorized translation]

[2] [Provisional translation]