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18 Shahrivar 1358 [9 September 1979]


Esteemed Head of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Islamic Revolution, Fars province, Mr. Katouzian


With respect, we inform you of the following.  On 17 Shahrivar 1358 [8 September 1979], at about 11:00 am, about 150 individuals, accompanied by a large number of religious clergy and about thirty Revolutionary Guards, attacked the House of the Bab located at Shamshirgaran [Shamshirgarha] Lane, and using the shovels and axes that had previously been delivered there by vehicles of the Mayor’s Office, began to destroy the aforementioned building.  Given that this place is respected and beloved by all the Baha’is of the world, living in more than 96,000 [sic] localities around the globe, this action has brought sorrow to them all, whilst also being contrary to the spirit of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the statements of the Leader of the Revolution, His Highness Imam Khomeini.  We also need to mention that today an individual by the name of Memar Shomali, along with a number of construction workers, is engaged in destroying the rest of the building, and has threatened the residents of the adjacent houses with potential eviction and the destruction of their homes.  Therefore, we request your Highness to take swift action to attend to and prevent any continuing destruction.  We beseech you to give strict orders in this regards.


With expressions of respect from the Baha’i Community of Shiraz

[Handwritten note on the bottom of the page]

To Mr. Mahallati