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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Esteemed Head of Police Force, Fars Province, Colonel Kiarash


At 9:30 a.m. this morning, Friday, 18/8/1358 [9 November 1979], a group of about 200 individuals crowded into Shamshirgarha Lane and started to wreak destruction on the House of His Holiness Seyyed-e Bab. A few armed guards were also present during this assault.  The local police station was immediately contacted and informed about the situation, and they sent a few officers [to the site of the attack].  However, it appears that because of the interference of members of the [Revolutionary] Committee [the officers] did not take any action. Given that two months ago another group of individuals engaged in attacking this place and were stopped by order of the relevant authorities, in view of the fact that this place is respected by the all of the Baha’is in the world and its destruction is a cause of injury to their hearts, we request that you issue orders to prevent further destruction [of this property].


From the Baha’i Community of Shiraz


Esfandiar Roshan

Zia Khalokhi


Address: Shiraz [redacted]