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[To: Tehran, the Council of Experts]


His Holiness Ayatollah Rabbani Shirazi, may his blessings endure


We respectfully inform you that since the morning of Friday, 18 Aban 1358 [9 November 1979], once again, a group, whose leadership is unknown, has for the second time attacked the house of His Holiness the Bab located in the Shamshirgar[an] Alley of Shiraz, and using the demolition tools that they had previously prepared, attempted to demolish and destroy a place that is not only revered and respected by the Baha’is of Iran, but is also a sacred and sanctified spot for all of the Baha’is of the world, who currently live in more than 102,000 places across the farthest reaches of the planet. Given that it would seem unlikely that such a demolition and destruction would be perpetrated by individuals who claim allegiance to the sacred religion of Islam and believe in the teachings of His Holiness, the Seyyed of the Messengers, peace be upon Him, we request that you issue an order for prompt attention to this matter and the prevention of continued demolition, and thus bestow upon the world-wide Baha’i community an opportunity to express its deepest gratitude. 


With appreciation and respect—on behalf of the Baha’i Community of Shiraz


Esfandiyar Rowshan

Zia Khollakhi


Address [redacted]