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Dear Dr Eghtesad - Distinguished Governor General of Semnan,


The Baha’i community of Iran has a history of over a century in this country and is the only religion that confirms [the divinity of] Islam and believes in the Prophethood of [Mohammad], the Seal of the Prophets, and the [station of the] Imams.  From the point of view of the state laws, they have served the government and the nation with utmost honesty; according to its explicit texts, they consider the obedience to the government as their religious principle and duty and distance themselves from political and anti-government affairs.  They are not affiliated with any foreign country, and although the Baha’i principles are based merely on spirituality and kindness, regrettably, it is observed that some newspapers, publications and advertisements currently attribute various slanders and calumnies to this community, which inflames the people’s feelings and, God forbid, might lead to the creation of enormous dangers around the country.  Recently, as a result of these instigations, the Haziratu’l-Quds[1] of Sangsar was completely demolished and destroyed, and all its moveable objects have been confiscated.

With complete trust in the government and the rule of Islamic justice, the dawn of which has just begun, and considering the exalted goals of national unity and the unity of word aimed for by Ayatollah Khomeini—may his blessings last—and the government of Bazargan, [we hope that the] necessary steps [will be] taken to stop and eradicate these attacks and perils, that the Baha’i community may enjoy equal rights, and, similar to other nationals, receive the privileges of the Holy Islamic Revolution, under all circumstances.


From the Baha’i community of Sangsar


Kouchak Aazami


[Illegible] Ighani



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5/1/1358 [25 March 1979] - transmitted in Semnan



To be filed (gh)

26/1/1358 [15 April 1979]



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Teheran – Mr. Mehdi Bazargan, the Prime Minister – the Supreme Revolutionary Council – Minister of the Interior – Colonel [illegible] Head of the Committee of Revolution in Sangsar






[1] [A Baha’i term for Baha’i Centre]