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The esteemed Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of the Islamic Republic

With deepest sorrow and grief we reach out to your Honour to ask for justice, and with crying hearts and tearful eyes inform you of the following.


The unexpected event in Shiraz and the unfortunate destruction of the residence of His Highness the Bab, Herald of the Baha’i Faith is a cruel blow that has engulfed the hearts of millions of people  in grief and sorrow, as this site was a point of adoration for Baha’is residing in 95,000 [sic] towns and villages around the world.  They cry from the depths of their hearts, expressing in the thousands, how they wished to have given their lives as Baha’i believers so that the centre of their adoration would have been safeguarded and protected, in the same way that the Muslim people are willing to sacrifice their lives and possessions to ensure that the Bayt al-Haram[1] endures.  In an Islamic community, where in order to protect just one mosque from amongst numerous others, from being taken over by [aggressors], people willingly sacrifice their lives, is it fair then, to raze to the ground the holy place of a minority group?  Can we be assured of finding justice in the Republic of Islam where an injustice has been inflicted upon the largest religious minority who live in the sacred country of Iran?  Even in the countries where a belief in God is lacking, religious places have remained untouched during the course of any bloody and horrific revolutions.  However, in the [seemingly] just revolution of Iran, a simple house on a small piece of God’s land has not remained immune from obliteration.  Even though a sense of security and confidence is felt by the religious minorities and groups living in this land, due to the heart-warming and hope-inspiring statements of the great Leader of the Revolution and the esteemed government authorities, every single day a new kind of injustice and cruelty is inflicted upon this innocent group.  The confiscation of the public properties of the Baha’is, the takeover of their hospital, the confiscation of the assets of the Nawnahalan, the destruction and burning of more than 800 homes and places of business of the Baha’is, are all [grave] injustices and examples of the recent events in Shiraz.  However, given that oppressed people everywhere are at all times reliant upon the mercy and blessings of God, the help and cooperation of the representatives and authorities, so too the Baha’i Community expectantly awaits the help and assistance of your Highness as a Muslim.  We beseech you to issue strict orders for the identification of the assailants and the prosecution and punishment of the perpetrators and instigators of this event, so that these oppressed ones may obtain justice..  We also request the highest levels of your kindness and favour in ordering that the sacred land of the aforementioned house be returned to this beleaguered and long-suffering community, so that they might touch its dust to their heads as they mourn this event and allow their tears to wet its grounds.  We hope that you will accept this request and brighten the mournful hearts of the Baha’is with your favour.


With sincere expressions of respect

From the Baha’i Community of Kermanshah 


Dr. Abbas Kouhbor,                              Ataollah Gouran

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Copy sent to the esteemed Minister of Interior for information and action.



[1] [It is the most sacred site in Islam. It is considered by Muslims to be the "House of God", and has a similar role to the Tabernacle and Holy of Holies in Judaism.]