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The Honourable Hujjatol-Eslam val Moslemin, Esteemed Mr. Razizadeh and Respectable Sharia Judge,

With utmost reverence we plead with that esteemed personage for your legal advice. According to the holy verse: “Every soul will taste death”, to die is a divine decree, and when it is destined, “And when their time has come, they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they precede (it)”. Therefore from the rising Sun of Muhammad—peace be upon Him—to the present time, on the vast and immense areas of Islamic nations, various groups of believers from different religious backgrounds, whether holding a Divine Book or not, only because they live under the protection of the Islamic government, a burial place for burying their dead has always been allocated to them to freely perform their own religious rites and ceremonies. The mere fact of existence in Islamic countries of many different cemeteries that belong to diverse religious groups confirms that this is a [proper] right that is granted to them by the Islamic world, and the leaders of jurisprudence of the time have validated it.

Unfortunately, in the City of Kermanshah, where a big number of Baha’is reside, and although authorities are fully aware that Baha’is are monotheists and are the believers in all past Prophets, and recognize His Holiness Mohammad—may our souls be a sacrifice to Him— as the Messenger of God and consider Him as the most noble of the Prophets and the Lord of the Pure Ones, the Messenger directed by God, and the holy Imams, as His true successors, and also [believe in] many other good beliefs, which, for the sake of information, could be reviewed in the attached pages, notwithstanding the plea of this community to have an area allocated to bury the dead, so far, this matter has not been given any [weight] and no attention has been paid to its verity. If a death [were to] occur now, how [would it] be handled?

On this matter, time and again, the governor general and the municipality have been consulted, but unfortunately, the authorities have neglected it. Therefore, we plead with Your Highness to cast a glance of favour and make your judicial statement and have the responsible authorities take immediate action regarding this lawful request, making this group of people thankful and appreciative. May the Almighty God confirm you.


On behalf of the Baha’i Community of Kermanshah

Dr. Rouhollah Talim



Ataollah Gouran