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16 Aban 1358 [7 November 1979]

Office of His Holiness, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, the respected leader of the people of Iran, may his confirmations be everlasting,

Respectfully, we enclose copies of letter number 199 – 18 Tir 1358 [9 July 1979] of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution of Kerman Province, attached to a copy of cheque number 929152 – 17 Tir 1358 [8 July 1979] for three hundred thousand rials. We would like to inform you that the Baha’i community of Kerman—like other Baha’i communities of Iran—in addition to the individual contributions made at government offices, institutions and the private sector in pursuing the charitable intentions of Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini regarding the construction of houses for the Mostazafan [underprivileged], deposited a sum to chequing account number 100, and submitted a photocopy of the bank receipt to the relevant authorities. However, a while ago, the said sum was returned to the Kerman Baha’i community, by a cheque from the above-mentioned Housing Foundation. So far, they have refused to accept this amount.

While we are surprised at this action [it must be said] that members of this community, no matter in what city or village they reside, are bound to participate in charitable affairs that benefit all. They have always endeavoured with utmost care to serve the sacred nation of Iran through cultural, social and developmental services. On the other hand, the community members who have made payments for the above-mentioned purpose and participated in this charitable act refuse to receive back this money. We are requesting you to please issue appropriate guidance about this matter to the Kerman Housing Foundation.


On behalf of the Kerman Baha’i community

Dr. Jalal Vahdati


Zia Arefi



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Copy – The Sacred National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, may God strengthen its pillars