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Islamic Revolutionary Committee of Kashan


With utmost respect, we convey that for over a century, the Baha’i community of Iran has passed its tests of servitude with absolute purity, sincerity and truthfulness.  [Baha’is] have always aspired to the exaltation and advancement of Iran.  They praise and accept the truth of all divine religions, particularly Islam, the station of Mohammad as the Messenger of God and the station of the Imams. They absolutely refrain from involvement in political affairs and connections to the political leaders, are absolutely distant from foreign and anti-Iranian politics, and are not related to any foreign government or country, and by no means are connected to them.

In the past, the Baha’i community has been the target of various tribulations, deprivations and pains; their lives and properties have been endangered, and various forms of discrimination have been imposed upon them.  Consequently, it is observed that currently, some newspapers and publications, by disseminating flyers and untrue materials, have spread various calumnies and slanders against this community, thereby infuriating the feelings of uninformed individuals, which have ultimately created enormous danger for the [members of] this community across the country.

Since Baha’is consider the origin of true justice to be divine, therefore trusting the government and the justice of the Islamic government, whose dawn has now appeared, it is hoped that you will end and stop these attacks, tribulations, prejudices and dangers, that members of the Baha’i community may continue their ever-increasing humanitarian services to humanity with sincerity and zeal.

The Baha’i community, trusting the divine confirmations, by submitting this letter ‑ and considering the exalted goals, national unity and unity of word, that are the focal point of the country’s distinguished leader Imam Khomeini, may his blessing last forever, and the interim government ‑ hopes to enjoy rights similar to those that other individuals of this country and Muslim brothers enjoy, always and under all conditions.


From the Baha’i community of Kashan