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Mr. Ahmad Sadr Haj Seyyed Javadi


The Honourable Minister of Interior of the Provisional Islamic Revolutionary Government of Iran

Respectfully, for over a century, the Baha’i community of Iran has passed its test of servitude with the utmost good will, sincerity and trustworthiness, and has constantly been occupied with the well-being of the blessed country of Iran. It has always acknowledged and paid homage to all the divine religions―specifically, the true religion of Islam, the Prophethood of His Holiness Muhammad (PBUH), and the station of the pure Imams. It fully refrains from any involvement in political affairs and is not affiliated with any political activity; it is first and foremost separate and apart from all foreign and anti-patriotic politics. It is not connected, or in any way related, to any country or government.

In the past, it has been subject to a variety of oppression, deprivation, cruelty and persecution, and the lives and livelihoods of the Baha’is have been at risk and in danger. The members of this community have been victims of every act of discrimination. Regrettably, we now see that some of the newspapers and publications are inciting the emotion of the ignorant and the unaware, with false statements and promotion of all kinds of calumny and slanderous accusations against this community, and creating great peril for this community in all parts of the country.

As the Baha’is regard true justice to be divinely rooted, with trust in the Islamic government and the dawn of the regime of Islamic justice, we hope that policies will be adopted to stop such attacks and violations and to bring an end to this discrimination and peril, and that the individual members of the Baha’i community will be able to continue to render their humanitarian and benevolent services with ever increasing sincerity and eagerness.

Furthermore, it is our hope that, while sustained by divine confirmations, and by submitting this letter, and with regard to the lofty aims and the integrity of the nation that is the standpoint of the esteemed leader of the nation, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini (may his blessings continue), as well as that of the provisional government, the Baha’i community will, in every respect and at all times, be able to enjoy the rights and liberties equal to [those of] their Muslim brothers and other sectors of society.

On behalf of the Baha’i community of Kashan