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26 Ordibehesht 1358 [16 May 1979]


For the attention of the Grand Ayatollah Khademi (may his blessings continue)

For the attention of the Grand Ayatollah Taheri (may his blessings continue)

The honourable Governor General of Isfahan

Chairman of the Islamic Revolutionary Committee of Isfahan

The Public Prosecutor General of the Islamic Republic in Isfahan

As you are aware, a number of the poor Baha’i farmers in Boyer-Ahmad have recently been attacked and assaulted by armed enemies and mischief makers in the locality, and the tension and harassment have forced them to leave their homes and take refuge in Isfahan. They have now appealed to the Shrine of Imam Khomeini in Qom. Instructions have been issued from the office of the imam and the central committee to secure their freedom and have them returned to their homes and livelihood. The committee in Yasuj is taking action, and a few individuals have gone to visit Ayatollah Malek Hoseini, so that by obtaining their security, they may return to their hometown.

The Baha’is of Isfahan, in solidarity with their co-religionists, arranged for their temporary stay and provided them with shelter and protection for humanitarian and philanthropic reasons. [They were] upholding the words of the blessed verse: “And if anyone from the polytheists asks for your protection ˹O Prophet˺, grant it to them …”[1]. The situation was conveyed through a cable to the office of the provincial governor general of Isfahan on that same date, 22 Ordibehesht [12 May], and in order to prevent some from taking advantage of the situation, the matter was not reported to the media. The receipt of an untrue report sent to the Revolutionary Court led to the issuance of an evacuation order to be carried out peacefully and within a certain time limit.

Unfortunately, at noon on 24 Ordibehesht [14 May], a number of armed revolutionary guards, led by Mr. Ziaie, and without any authorization by the prosecutor, raided the place where the refugees were residing and, in a harsh and threatening manner, ordered them to leave Isfahan immediately. The matter was reported to the prosecutor, who dispatched an envoy and issued a written order, but to no avail. The cruelty inflicted upon the homeless and defenceless children and women, an act totally contrary to Islamic justice, led to a number of innocent, pious and godly people’s becoming homeless wanderers, and created much surprise and disbelief in their hosts in Isfahan. Now that the refugees from Boyer-Ahmad have left Isfahan, we would be grateful if policies were adopted for the revolutionary guards to leave and vacate the Baha’i Centre, where a number of [illegible] needy, sick and poor had taken refuge. 

This community, which is obedient and faithful to the regime of Islamic justice hopes that, under the leadership of [Islamic] jurisprudence, it will be able to remain protected from the harm of injustice, and remain safe under the shelter of Islamic justice.


On behalf of the Baha’is of Isfahan,

Dr. Javad Haghighi – Ataollah [illegible]



[1] [Quran 9:6]