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Urgent city telegram


To: Mr. Engineer Mehdi Bazargan, Prime Minister

Copy to the esteemed Minister of Interior


With the utmost humility, we inform you of the following.  Ever since the establishment of the government of the Islamic Revolution, the Baha’i Community of Iran has acted with humility, obedience, and the desire to serve both by words and deeds.  However, in the past year mobs of people have attacked and pillaged homes and destroyed them by setting them on fire and killing a number of people in some cities.  Now we are also witnessing the takeover of two houses in Tehran and Shiraz that are important to this community. Other buildings have been confiscated by armed individuals, and some of them, such as those in Sangsar and Abadeh, have been razed to the ground.  In Yasuj, Kata, and Boyer Ahmadi more than two thousand Baha’is are under siege and the belongings of some have been pillaged and their homes have been destroyed and burned down. Further, the newspapers are publishing articles against this community, and we worry that at any time incidents could escalate to other centers.  Given that these incidents have caused great concern among a large number of people in this community, we appeal to you, for justice your Highness, and beseech you to issue strict orders to ensure that effective action is taken to expressly prevent any further similar incidents or any other potential atrocities.

With expressions of respect

From the Baha’i Community of Iran


Dr. Hosein Naji [Signature]

Mahouher Ghaem-Maghami [Signature]


Address: [redacted]